Welcome Back!

Well we’ve hit March already and the 19/20 season is flying by quicker than we at La Cantine would like!  It’s been a season of new staff, new specials, brilliant snow days and wicked adventures with epic friends – what more could you want from a season hey? 

 After a great summer season, we underwent a few changes including new hours and a whole new team.  We now open from 8am-5pm whilst still opening for three evenings a week, so don’t worry, our Tignes Famous Thali night is still live and kicking and better than ever.

The Team

With a new team comes new ideas and fresh perspectives so lets go ahead and introduce ourselves: 

CHAR is our new super cool boss manager and she’s the queen of curries on a Friday and sizzling steaks on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

RITA brings the spice to her dhals whilst keeping her incredible recipe top secret. Oh, also, her chocolate cake with added chocolate shards is pure legendary.

RHI’S vegan pea soup disappears before we’ve even started the day and her cracking paprika hummus is always worth a trip through a blizzard to sample.

JACK is our carrot cake king, loaded up high with cream cheese icing and walnuts it’s a true show stopper, plus he has a secret family jerk pork recipe to die for.

ELLA cracks out her super gooey vegan chocolate sponge and brings her A-Game when it comes to Guinness and Chocolate cake too.


So now you’ve met us, what have we been getting up to this year? A lot to be honest. We’ve brought back a few super specials whilst also throwing in some amazing new recipes to try out.

  Our Christmas special filled with turkey, cranberry sauce and homemade stuffing topped with a pig in blanket just flew off the counter with new and old seasonnaires alike waiting in line to get their hands on our gooey, cheesy, christmassy toastie!

After that came our smokey Boston Bean packed with extra bacon.  This spicy, beany, luscious toastie made our cold wintery days feel just that little bit warmer and cosier.

Up next we had our Brie, apple, buttered sage and onion delight.  Think fresh apple, melted brie, sharp sage coming through, mmmmm….

Our fourth special pleased all the Brits in resort with a Toad in The Hole banger!  Sausage, homemade gravy and a topping of a gravy filled yorkshire pudding put everyone in a happy place food coma.  We even had homemade veggie sausages too!

Once more we had a toastie with an exceptional extra topping.  This one was homemade pesto, chicken, sun dried toms and mozzarella topped with, wait for it…a deep fried mozzarella ball.  Holy Moly was it a goodun.

Our best seller this year though has to be our mac ‘n’ cheese toastie loaded with either chorizo and caramelised onion or sweet roasted tomatoes and spinach.  This one left your belly warm and your heart full of pure mac ‘n’ cheese goodness.

Although we’ve had some incredible specials so far, make sure to keep your ears and eyes out for new and even more exciting toasties grilling your way soon!

So welcome back to La Cantine, come in, say hi and grab yourself some cheesy delights or some sweet treats, tell us about your rad ski day or where the best powder is and we might just share our secrets to the best toasties in town….

…but maybe not, they’re the best for a reason 😉