Project Update – Work is Underway

Building the framworkThe interior of what used to be a ski rental shop has been gutted and we’re well under way with the transformation into a modern and lively eating space.
Much of the interior design requires a new wooden framework to enable us to create the desired effect.
A running theme throughout the space will be the use of reclaimed materials and quirky objects to form an interesting and inviting environment.


Much of our reclaimed wood has been retrieved from old pallets found in the local area. These have been sanded down a little and will be used as cladding around the breakfast bar and the front counter. To contrast the pallets, we have a full length blackboard wall which will be used to display the menu and artwork.



Reclaimed wood from old pallets


The next part of the project will be the floor. After stripping the carpet and the glue beneath, we’ll be left with a tiled floor which will then be painted a dark grey and stencilled!

We’ll have more project updates coming very soon…